Thursday, November 15, 2012

Welcome to a purple nation!

Recent elections have got me to thinking about the state of our two-party dominated system of governance.  It seems like our choices have become more and more polarized opposites as each election season passes.  This is not news to anyone.  We as a country are extremely divided when it somes to philosophies on personal responsibility.

By no means am I one of the undecided voters for which billions of dollars in advertisements were intended.  I knew I was voting for the Republican candidate before we knew who he would be.  However, my firm decision was based upon me being in lockstop with all Republican ideals.  Instead I based my vote on which aspects I feel more strongly about on the RNC menu.  Essentially voting for most Americans comes down to deciding on an entree with some side dishes you really dont' care for and some which are just filler.  For example....


Personal Responsibility

Government Knows Best
Lower Taxes for All

Raise Taxes For “The Rich”
Pro Life

Pro Choice
Anti Gay Marriage

Pro Gay Marriage

When offered only these two options, you have to go for whomever is more palatable, for me it leans heavily on the taxes and personal responsibility issues.   However, I would feel much better if a group could emerge in which a candidate would come forth to appeal to my political tastes.  I can't be the only one who feels this way, can I?